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KOTH Returns for its 14th Season in 2014

Hello all! It is that time of the year again... A pretty mild Long Island August is half over, back to school shopping 'season' is in full swing and preseason football has already started - which means only one thing - the Mets are out of contention again - just kidding - it is time for this year's edition of our ever-humble (but always humbling) 'King of the Hill' football pool! You all know and remember the drill... You pay your $30 entry fee, you pick 1 team per week to win, if they win, you advance to the next week, but you can not reuse that team for the rest of the year. If that team loses that week, you are out and the eventual winner kindly thanks you for your donation... Last year's pot was over $3300! 1 winner took it all. Nothing new this year... Same old same old. Remember, we are always looking for more/new players, so if you know of anyone, send them my way via email. I just need some sort of name, their real email address and their $30 fee by the Sunday, September 7 at 1 PM (kickoff for week 1). The website is not up-to-date. I am on vacation now. I will get to it soon... but the site address where you will enter your own picks is still the same: http://webkingofthehill.com/ If you have any questions or whatnot, please let me know...

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