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KOTH - Our History

The first time we did this King Of The Hill pool (KOTH), there was only 6 people in it, way back in 2001. I was running this pool mostly via email, word-of-mouth and phone calls from a bar stool in Selden, NY. The number of players has steadily increased and here we are - online and over 110 players this year. But it started out as an idea on a barstool with a cocktail napkin with 5 names and teams written out. There were 2 pools one year, because, like a Paris Hilton jail stay, it was over in 4 weeks, so we started a new one up right away. But that was a fluke (or was it a Dolphin?). We don't and won't have this problem anymore. There are 80+ players in the pool and usually about 110 entrants from those 80 people and it tends to go about 15 or 16 weeks (only once did it go all season with a sole winner and once it went 16 weeks and they split the pot). Keep in mind: This is NOT A GAMBLING SITE. You can win money, but this pool is mostly for fun. 100% of the pot goes to the sole winner of the pool - so it is all legal. All of the money goes to the winner (unless a deal is worked out between the remaining players).

It's a simple idea: can you pick just 1 NFL team a week to win just win 1 lousy game? If not, stay out of the casinos...

Countdown to Week 1 (9/10/17)

  • NYJ v BUF
  • CIN v PIT
  • TEN v DET
  • BAL v CLE


The rules are easy - pick one team per week to win (no spread), if they win - you stay alive, but you can not pick that team again. If they lose, you are off the hill and out of the pool with no re-entry! Ties advance.

Web king of the hill suicide pool
  • $31 entry fee per entrant ($1 goes to site hosting fees)
  • Picks are made online through your account or via email or text or call to Keith
  • More than one entry is allowed (you must pay $31 per entrant)
  • No playoff system - remaining players in the end will split the pot

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