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Week 4 Recap

Well, the Yanks spit the bit in September huh? Oh wait. Wrong sport. If there was one word for yesterday's football mess. It was turnovers (or 'embarrassing NY defeats' - wait, that's three words)...  And lots of them: Flacco threw 5 picks, Geno had 4 turnovers, Eli had 3, Andy Dalton had 3... Then there's Peyton Manning who just might be something in this league if he'd just try a little harder.  He is only averaging 367 yards passing and 4 TDs a game, with 0 interceptions on the year so far. He's only "missed" on 39 passed attempts. His completion percentage is 75%.  In comparison, Mark Sanchez missed on 207 passes last year. This guy just does whatever he wants out there and there is nothing any defense can do about it.

Either way, on to the recap. We lost 10 more players yesterday. Mostly because of the idiots in Cincy and more than a few of us idiots here on Long Island for taking them in a pool like this. Think about it... we had $3170 and we bet it all on the Bengals? What is wrong with us? I have been a vocal opponent of ever using these stiffs in this pool but since I don't read my own articles, I picked them and it blew up in my face like a roadside bomb being planted by 4 Iraqi morons (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MZpG3lZJywk).
I doubly kicked myself because I forgot to pick a different team Sunday AM knowing I really wasn't loving Cincy on Friday (or Sunday, or Monday or Tuesday for that matter). Lee Lee reminded me that I forgot to change it and bam. Steamed by - cough cough - Cleveland! Really? Cleveland? There's nothing to really pick apart here in this game. It was a 17-6 barn burner if ever there was one.  Cincy managed just 266 yards of offense. Peyton gets 266 by himself before the half. The Jets even managed 330. The friggin Jets!

Uggh... So after the dust in Ohio settled, we lost a legend (Joey) - a legend here no more but you'll always be that legend in your mind Joe :) Rich and famous - you'll always be Rich - and famous (at least your Mets won yesterday for you).  Danden is dundun too. Carlton, Elvir and Air Jordan - to all we bid adieu. And last but not least, the grand marshal of the idiot parade himself... Me!

Then there's JP and his Ravens... ugh. What can I say? A tough one to wash down with the morning coffee on a Monday huh? So 'quoth that Raven to JP... "nevermore!"

Lastly there's poor Patty. Her Cowboys were cruising early... up 21-7 in the second. Then the Romos came off the bench - I mean, the wheels came off the bus and dem bolts outscore dem bums 23-0 from there on in. The Cowboys are team #2 I always rail against because just when you build up some faith in Romo, he turns into Mark Sanchez. 244 yards (and a fumble lost) is not winning many games in yo daddy's NFL. Maybe in yo mama's - but not now Tony - this is the new NFL where anything goes! Even illegal hits to a defenseless Titans QB.  Or a Cleveland Brown victory. Uggh... I still can't stomach that loss. Ruined this 'lord of the idiots' day.

6 have the Saints tonight... Assuming they prevail - which is not safe to do considering they are playing an undefeated team tonight in the Big Easy, we will be 52 heading into Week 5.

Have a great week!

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